Thursday, June 24, 2010

love letter from my dear bestfriend!!!

dear nad,

i know ive not been a good bestfren of yours..

ever since we left school, we all went on different paths..
fulfilling our own destinies..
things changed a lot form how they used to be..
we changed.. i changed..
some are out of my hands which in turn, hurt me and might even hurt u
i know im not who i was
im lost in time
forgetting you, my treasure which has alwyas been in my posession but i overlooked..
everytime i i bump into problems, ive alwys pulled back, and preferred to be alone..
i forgot that i have loving supporting friends.. and on top of all, you my nurul nadia amira bt. noridin..
i know ive no been forthright with you..
there's no conclusive word i could say to say how deeply sorry i am..
i really am sorry..
ive changed tremendously..
some for the better and some for the worse..
for that, i hope you forgive me and still accept me the way i am
(sorry, ko tau kan aku x pandai nak meluahkan dlm bm) :)


p/s: i love u bestfriend!!!

Dia..Mohd Akmal Ramlel.

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